About the Safety of the Account You Bought

Maplestoryaccount Date: Nov/25/13 11:40:21 Views: 735

Recently, some customers emailed to us that they met problems; their accounts got locked by jagex when they play.
And even they tired to recover unlock appeal to release account, and jagex all denied their requests, don't worry about that.
Our accounts are 100% safe. We now tell you how to keep account in safe, and unblocked by jagex.
1, when you get the details of the account, makes sure you always use 1 computer to play, or only play it at home,
2, don't share accounts with your friends, no matter how trust they are, do never share with anyone,
And both rules above are very important, your account will not be locked.
3 do not buy gold or powerleveling in coming 1 month, after you bought account.
If your account gets locked, please contact us for help, we will ask the account original holder to get it unlocked.