Almost everything you need to learn about gear quality in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has a lot of different mechanics to explore when you get to the final stage of the game. With many mechanics to determine, it could be hard to figure out what you ought to be investing your time on. If you're one with several gamers questioning if the gear is high-quality issues, then this guide is to suit your needs.



Lost Ark - Everything you should know about gear quality

Gear quality is a valuable stat to concentrate on immediately after you hit degree 50 in Lost Ark. Before reaching level 50, you can't do anything about the quality of the item because the equipment will not have this stat, or it will automatically be 100. This mechanic is not there until you reach the dungeons and raids. Also, around the same time, you can start upgrading your gear with enchants.



Does the quality of equipment matter in Lost Ark


Gear quality isn't just some fancy number you can add to your gear.


Note: You can see an item's quality by hovering over it and looking at the top.


Depending on the piece of equipment, the quality of your item can significantly affect its bonus effect. It will significantly increase the characteristics of your character. As the quality increases, so will your other characteristics. Here are some examples below:

  • The quality of the weapon affects the bonus damage effect.
  • The quality of armor affects survivability, physical, and magical protection.
  • Jewelry such as rings, earrings, and necklaces achieve various quantities of fight stats. Like crit, specialization, speed.


The first Chaos dungeon you can complete will be in North Verne at Verne Castle.



An item can have up to 100 excellent, but it's not as simple as upgrading your products 90 times. While you can level up your item by enchanting, you won't be able to level up your gear. This requires activating Chaos Dungeons, Abyss Dungeons, and Guardian Raids. There are several other ways to get endgame gear, but you need to focus on RNG for high-quality items.


If you've just made it to Verne Castle, don't worry too much about the quality of your item. The gear transfer mechanic is a fantastic solution to improve your armor and weapons. But it would be best if you gave preference to engraved jewelry that will benefit you.



How to level up an item in Lost Ark?


Even though you cannot increase the quality of your item, you can upgrade it to a higher level. This part of the honing system requires specific materials. For example, the following fragments: Shards of Harmony, Stone of the Guardian, and Stone of Destruction. Although you can get these materials before unlocking the enchant, you won't use them.


Note: Upgrading items in Lost Ark can quickly get expensive as you progress. 


The above items are why many people claim that Lost Ark is a paid game. Because you can get them for gold or crystals, that being said, you can level up your gear at the numerous honing stations throughout Arcesia. Talk to NPC Gear Honing, and he will help you and tell you how to improve your gear.



Once you can get item level 302 gear, you will need to enchant it because it would be the only technique to level up the item.


Any equipment not lower than level 302 can be upgraded. And yes, this level of equipment is considered basic for the endgame, and you can get a full set of it by completing the Chaos dungeons. You will most likely have to complete the Chaos Dungeon a few times before getting everything you need, but this is a pretty good way to get what you want.


Luckily, you can also transfer the gear level to any new gear you get. This will give a quality 100 helmet an item level of +5. ,—for example, transferring a +5 helmet with a quality of 50 to a +1 helmet with a quality of 100. This will give a quality 100 helmet an item level of +5 This way. You don't have to worry about farming when you get better.



The Gear Mechanics system is a great way to save sharpening materials by spending only a small amount of Silver.


While leveling up your gear in Lost Ark can be expensive, both Lost Ark currency and real money, it's well worth the time and effort. Improving equipment quality is part of the endgame content, but newcomers and players who have just launched Lost Ark should not worry about this. The quality of the equipment will not be affected in any way.


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