Madden 22: The complete guide to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team

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Another year has passed for the Ultimate Team in Madden 22. Get available cards in MUT 22 through Madden 22 coins, we have identified the cards you need to pay attention to build the ultimate pirate-themed team in Madden 22. In this post, we will focus on building their Tampa Bay Pirates theme team.

Madden 22: The complete guide to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team



Madden 22: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team

Building a theme team in Madden 22 is not a fast process, but it is a worthwhile process for so many fans.

Whether you are looking for a team that can provide you with the best chance of winning by combining Team Chemistry or want to see your favorites on the court, the team is an integral part of Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

As new cards are released, your pirate-themed team will continue to develop, but you must start somewhere, and these cards are exactly what you need to look for.


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Madden 22: The Best Bucs MUT 22 Card

Although the modern Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be known for Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski's dominance on the offensive end, the team has always been a solid defensive team.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that some of the absolute monsters of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are stuck on the defensive end of the ball.



Defense: Devin White, Mike Edwards, and Warren Tharp

At present, the three strongest cards available to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers theme team in MUT 22 have an OVR score of 91, each of which is a defensive nightmare.

Warren Sapp is a legitimate Hall of Fame member. His Legends LTD has both running defense and passing sprint ability, which can immediately impact your security.

LTD Devin White will continue to help lock in your running defense, and TOTW Mike Edwards is the player you want.


Diamond Team: Aqib Talib

Although he is one point behind the other three defensive options we highlighted above, you need Team Diamonds Aqib Talib from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers theme team.

In addition to becoming the top pirate, CB in MUT 22 with a 90 OVR score, Team Diamonds has also significantly improved Team Chemistry, which will do any work you invest in other parts of this Buccaneers theme team better.


Offense: Joey Galloway, Giovanni Bernard, Tom Brady

Don't worry. If you think Tom Brady's card looks like it, it is only a matter of time before a more powerful version appears in MUT 22.


However, even his 87 OVR Core Elite version is an essential asset of QB for the pirate theme team, and some weapons stand out.

Ultimate Kickoff Giovanni Bernard is an elusive defender. You need to spin and jump in defense, but he also has good speed and catching ability, providing some catching threats.

The most potent wide receiver available to any pirate theme team will be Campus Heroes Joey Galloway, whose 85+ ratings in catching, all route runs, speed, accuracy, agility, jumping, and awareness make him a must-have threat.

Other ultimate team options
When it comes to filling your themed team, you may first find it difficult to get everyone in the entire lineup to have only pirate cards.
Even if you get most or all of these slots in Ultimate Team, you might use some lower-level core cards to do so, but it can start.
If you need to promote in a specific location that Bucs does not yet have, please insert another team's option until you unlock the card you want there.
Half of the pirate theme team is still the pirate theme team. This is just a team that needs to do more work. When you win, you will still fire cannons for the pirates.