Madden NFL 18: Fanatic Players Want To Be Involved In The Community

Maplestoryaccount Date: Dec/04/17 04:00:14 Views: 912

For Madden 18, fans interact with developers on social media because they love the game and want to know more about it. NFL fans and gamers can play their way to play the game, if they're good enough at the newest edition of Madden NFL 18. There seems to be a lot of website like U4GM about selling madden 18 coins to help you get an edge when playing Madden 18. 

Madden NFL 18 is one of the best game for Android and IOS. Madden 18 is a game that players deeply love, and they want to be involved in the community and interact with the people who are responsible for it. This game's new story mode, in Longshot, players make choices and play mini games that affect Devin Wade's overall rating and where he is taken during the NFL Draft. Now, let's know the three endings in Madden 18's Longshot. 

Devin Is Drafted, But Colt Isn't 

The first ending sees Devin get drafted in the 7th round by his favorite team, the team you tell Dan Marino earlier in the story. To obtain this ending, you'll need to play with your head and not your heart. Your football IQ and performance grades are key, but especially the football IQ. 

Devin Goes Undrafted, Colt Gets Drafted And Devin Signs With Colt

This ending sees Colt drafted in the 7th round instead of Devin. To get this ending, you'll need to make decisions based on your heart, and help Cruise out as much as possible whenever he asks this is especially the case in the last challenge where you'll go for the "impossible throw" to Cruise. 

Wade Goes Undrafted, Colt Gets Drafted But Wade Signs With A Different Team 

This ending is similar to the one before it, but instead of joining Colt, you sign with your favorite team. To get this ending, simply do the things from the ending before but just choose differently when Marino calls. 

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