Path Of Exile Boasts Impressively Deep Customization And More

Maplestoryaccount Date: Jan/10/18 17:15:14 Views: 1149

Path of Exile is a top down, action role playing game from Grinding Gears Games, a small independent company in New Zealand. Path of Exiles does not bring many innovations to the old Diablo-based action RPG formula. Having as great differentials only his system of progress and the fact of being free. The game has no gold, instead numerous currencies such as PoE Chaos orbs and Path of Exile currency are used to upgrade, trade and progress as well as a very heavily player invested market with items.

Path of Exile is, by many objective view points a vastly superior game to Diablo 3, given the resources GGG had to work on Path of Exile and the resources Blizzard had to work on Diablo 3 it's not even a close call, you might ask why I am comparing the two games though, well it's because it serves a purpose in the review of the game and it's scope in the ARPG genre. More gameplay screenshots, system requirements and news, let's view website now. 

Path of Exile is loot based, your character can equip numerous items with almost no restrictions from classes, as with everything the gear is based largely on attributes which means you can be a caster running around in full plate armor if you have enough in strength to equip the pieces, but that very rarely happens as taking points away from your main build is a great way to fall short at late game.

Fans of Diablo 2 will rejoice in the fact that Path of Exile shares many similarities. Unlike Diablo, Path of Exile boasts impressively deep customization. While all the classes have a set appearance gender, Path of Exile offers up an enormous passive skill tree to build upon your characters’ strengths and abilities. Path of Exile is a Free-to-Play game so that means micro-transactions, it is an open love letter to the Diablo franchise.