POE: GGG Have Announced A Brand New Free Expansion

Maplestoryaccount Date: Feb/10/18 17:00:03 Views: 1099

Path of Exile presents a few unique challenges that the discord tackles beautifully. The game has now been updated on Xbox One and PC. Content Update 3.1.0, this is a full-sized Path of Exile content expansion that will be accompanied by a new challenge league. There won't be a Beta for this expansion as it's roughly the same size as other recent expansions like Ascendancy and Atlas of Worlds. 

You can expect the full announcement of the 3.1.0 expansion around three weeks before its release which means that yes, teasers will start in the coming weeks. Path of Exile plans and dates are coming into alignment so Path of exile wanted to maintain you inside the loop about what to anticipate. Path of exile haven't locked these in yet, but at this point it's searching likely to become a series of one-to-two week events. Best of all, do you have an idea of buying path of exile items

Path of Exile is confusing. No one jumps in and understands everything. But the many different systems are what give it depth. Use the resources here as well as friends and anything else you find. If you do a bit of reading and research, you’ll likely fall in love with the game like many others have, myself included. The new story is vague at best, but according to Grinding Gear Games, it'll be just as deadly as the original acts. 

The War for the Atlas Shirt Features the expansion's iconic logo and is offered to Redeemer Supporters and above. These cloth maps feature the updated Atlas from War for the Atlas and are printed on microfibre cloth. Grinding Gear Games have announced a brand new free expansion to their spectacular ARPG, Path of Exile. To find out more about the game, visit the official website here