The Main Features That Come With The Path Of Exile Bestiary Update

Maplestoryaccount Date: Mar/10/18 17:13:40 Views: 844

In Path of Exile, the patch 3.0.1b brings a lot of new features and gameplay improvements including greater degree of control to movement, new item filters, various updates to world areas and more. The award-winning title is currently one of the best free-to-play games you can play on your Xbox One, assuming you're into the action RPG genre. More news and guides will be updated in the near future, keep an eye on U4GM, and click here. The main features that come with the Path of Exile Bestiary update are: 

At the same time with the update, Path of Exile created new game endings, Bestiary sets, new gems added.

New special items: While adding 2 new unique items to the game, 30 new fated unique items have arrived.

Bestiary League: With a fresh economy and new mechanics, the Bestiary Challenge league will be ideal for both current, returning and beginner players and will present players with awards.

Catch dangerous creatures: During Wraeclast you will be able to weaken dangerous creatures, and you will be able to catch and use them for yourself. In total there are about 250 normal creatures, of which 40 are 'legendary' in nature and very difficult to catch.

The story continues: High-level players will continue to fight against the most difficult bosses of the Path of Exile in the depths of the Atlas of the Worlds Center, and experience the new extensions of the story.

My largest hope however is that GGG revisits their idea to not integrate Harbinger's into the core game. I believe Harbingers fit quite well within the core game play of Path of Exile. The currency such as path of exile currency will be added into the core game. Grinding Gear Games has announced this minor change to be a part of the 3.0.2 content update. This is a very long-anticipated change in Path of Exile that will appeal to all Spectre-summoners and multi-aura support characters.