The top Fortnite Map Areas for Squads

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The tricky point about selecting a place for squads is getting sufficient gear for everyone. You truly wish to steer clear of locations like Tilted Towers, or Pleasant Park, since if the fighting doesn’t finish you within the very first 30 seconds, healing up can use up what sources you nearly died to secure. Rather, head for someplace less apparent but nevertheless with enough chests to obtain your team going. To go together with the special Birthday Challenges, ten giant cakes can be found scattered about the map. Every single one is surrounded with smaller sized slices of cake that give +5 Overall health and +5 Shield per slice when consumed!
Right here are the places of all ten cakes:
Retail Row - In the center of the parking lot in the retail section.
Fatal Fields - At the center on the farm.
Paradise Palms - North of town where the grass meets the sand.
Lonely Lodge - West of the area on a little hill.
Flush Factory - In front with the toilet statue within the parking lot.
Greasy Grove - North side of town, near the basketball court.
Pleasant Park - East of town inside the grass, past the gas station.
Lazy Links - South end of your golf course, along with the path.
On a small hill north of Wailing Woods and south of Risky Reels.
Loot Lake - Near the top with the waterfall south in the lake.
Bundles of balloons are usually located in random areas tied down to wooden posts, buildings, and more. They don't do something but you can nonetheless pop them! The Battle Bus characteristics a birthday redesign and supply drops are neatly wrapped.

Simple recommendations plus the greatest landing spots
We’ll jump into particular areas quickly, but very first, here’s 5 tips to consider in your descent, irrespective of where you’re aiming. And if you are immediately after recommendations for the game extra frequently, here’s an excellent list.

Catch people unaware as they leave big areas
If ten people land on a town, then 1 person will make it out alive with all of the best loot. A single advantage of dropping away from these locations is that it is possible to gear up and then swing back about, catching these victors unaware after they believe everyone is dead. In case you can get a clean shot at somebody without them being aware of where you might be then you’ll have the upper hand, regardless of how very good their weapons are. And for those who kill them, the spoils are all yours.

Drop late if you want peace and quiet
Most players will impatiently drop earlier in the Battle Bus’s journey due to the fact they do not fancy waiting around. Use that know-how to your advantage. If you are soon after the action, drop early. If you would like a slow and steady game, leave it late.

Go the distance
The additional the drop location you have picked is away from the path of the bus, the less resistance you’ll meet once you land. So, if the bus is hanging left on the map, the named areas around the suitable might be significantly less busy. Pull your parachute early to travel additional (the map is small sufficient that you could reach pretty much any place).

If you are playing solo, head for additional secluded spots
If you’re alone, you are able to get away with heading for smaller sized drop spots. A chest or two will provide you with enough gear to get you began, but trying to spread that across a duo or maybe a four-man squad is tricky. So, if you are playing with friends, aim for bigger areas than you’re utilized to.

Keep your eyes around the sky
That is essentially the most vital factor to recall after you drop. You'll want to be conscious of each exactly where you are aiming and exactly where other players are dropping around you. The turnabout in the air and appear for parachutes, producing a mental note of exactly where other individuals have landed. The much more details you may have, the far better shape you will be in for the ensuing fight.

Risky Reels
It is always a little of a surprise just how much there is certainly in Risky Reels. Much more than enough to set your squad up. If everybody grabs a side they should uncover a chest or two each and every, then meet in the middle to verify and swap supplies.

Fortunate Landing
The key location in Lucky Landing has a lot of chests in between its many buildings. Especially if you consist of the compact hill major building to the south and the tiny building and massive pagoda for the northeast. The very best plan of attack is to send two into the principal regions through at the least a single individual checks the pagoda, and perhaps additional grabs the two hilltop buildings.

The top Fortnite Map Areas for Squads

Junk Junction
The trick with Junk Junction will be to ignore the buildings and verify all the crushed cars on the periphery of your yard. Most of the chests are there so spend attention as you glide in and you will have the ability to land on one. If not you will smash some factors and build a ramp. Just make sure you do not destroy something with a chest on it. There’s also a depot for the northeast that can have some gear. Only go for the significant metal llama if you’re preparing to land on it - you'll find a few chests, but it’s only worth grabbing them should you can hit the roof and operate down. Otherwise, you will need to waste time acquiring sources and building up.

Haunted Hills
Haunted Hills generally gets ignored because it doesn’t look like there’s considerably there. There’s basically fairly a great deal though if you are fortunate, with a number of chests liberally scattered by means of its many crypts and buildings. There’s also one more couple of buildings towards the south if you have to have the extra gear. Just be wary of any teams coming out of your nearby Junk Junction towards the north.

Snobby Shores
5 buildings for four folks to ransack, what could go incorrect? Aside from another group landing within the identical place that is certainly. Make sure you contact out what home you’re going to take once you go in so you've 1 each, then all converge on the remaining house. Your possibilities from here are then head south for one more couple of areas exactly where you could major up, or head south-east for the covered football stadium when you fancy beginning difficulty sooner in lieu of later.

Buildings near Flush Factory
Northeast of Flush Factory is a depot location using a dance floor that needs to be fantastic for any least one particular chest per particular person, far more if any individual can catch the one on the chimney as they glide in. It’s a superb start for a squad and, if much more than one particular team tries to fight it out at Flush Factory itself you could be nicely placed to choose off the survivors and steal their gear

The abandoned town southwest of Paradise Palms
For an unnamed location, this might be by far the most regularly loot-dense areas in all of Fortnite. Paradise Palms pulls most of the try-hards, leaving this town pretty empty. Hit the western edge 1st and verify the second story of each property for ground loot and chests. Function your way through the town, keeping an ear out for footsteps, and you will most likely discover six or so chests by the time you must rotate out of there.
Depending on the storm circle you get, rotating naturally along the road cutting by means of the desert area is usually a very good strategy. You are going to have some good views into Paradise Palms, and with all that loot from earlier, cleaning up the leftover players is generally a cinch. In the event the storm circle is additional away than you believed, appear about to get a rift or golf cart and get the hell out of there.

The motel for the west of Anarchy Acres
I located 5 chests in this secluded spot earlier this week, and only 1 enemy to contend with. Two of them have been out within the open (one inside a truck, one particular on a different vehicle’s roof), but I’d start off inside the buildings just to be protected.
Pick out one of the motel wings and land around the roof just before smashing your way inside. Preserve an ear out for chests as well as your eyes peeled for enemies. It is got adequate loot that you simply could probably just sending a complete squad here. When you are completed, your finest bet should be to head to Anarchy Acres or Pleasant Park and begin hunting for kills.

Series of trucks southeast of Fatal Fields
This can be a brilliant place to have a run of chests without having a lot of competitors. In the blue marker, you will obtain a truck that may typically have a chest along with a separate weapon-I’ve even picked up a few legendary guns.
From there, head directly southeast for the broken-down property. It’s simple to spot around the map since it is on a patch of grass that’s considerably brighter than the rest in the location. You might come across one more player here, but odds are they won’t be expecting you. Grab any loot ahead of heading straight west. You’ll quickly come across two trucks, the taller of which can spawn two chests. You at times obtain one particular atop the smaller sized a single, also.
By now, you will be geared up. If the circle is far away, get your skates on. If not then try heading north to verify out the new film studio in Moisty Mire, that is quite dense with loot (and curious players, so be cautious). If not, head up into Fatal Fields to gobble up anyone attempting to leave.

Tomato Town overlook
Tomato Town can be a solid location to land, but I like staying at arm’s length in the main fight. Just south in the town, at the blue marker, can be a metal bunker having a staircase that leads down inside the hill, and spits you out inside the tunnel leading out on the town. The stairs ordinarily have two or three Fortnite weapons on them, and at the bottom, you may find a chest.

Now, be careful right here, simply because this is really a popular spot. I’ve identified that coming in from above will normally give you the drop on anybody that landed directly inside the tunnel, so listen for the path of footsteps. After you have dealt with any lurkers, smash down the fake wall inside the tunnel. It is on the opposite side towards the staircase, on the left from the blue vehicle. I’ve got my cursor on it inside the image beneath a lot more usually than not, it’s hiding a chest.
What I like most about this spot is that you are able to immediately head back up the stairs and onto the hill, which offers you an awesome view of Tomato Town. All you've got to complete is watch for any players who're leaving, ambush them, and grab their loot.

Compound north east of Flush Factory
Drop directly on the southeast corner on the compound, marked by a tall chimney that occasionally has a chest on top rated. When you grab that, you will be the initial to possess a weapon, so ensure you know exactly where any nearby enemies are to take them out.
From there, loot the large building that the chimney is coming from, seeking inside the metal containers and upstairs for chests (you may obtain two when you get a very good dice roll). Listen for footsteps simply because it is an active spot. The trucks and containers out within the open between the buildings ordinarily residence a handful of extra chests, although the buildings generally have one each and every.

The large tree towards the northwest in the Wailing Woods
You’re just about guaranteed a chest or two as well as an excellent spot on the map here, but I’d only advocate this spot if you are playing solo. Aim for the substantial tree, and although you are dropping take a peak in the higher ground for the south. You will generally see a weapon on the ground. Grab it, and head for the trunk. The tree can spawn two chests if you’re lucky, and you are bound to become the only one there.
Now you have got a few choices. In the event you head for Tomato Town you’ll arrive on some high ground overlooking the bulk of your buildings, so you’ve got the benefit of any stragglers. You are able to head directly northeast for the two nearby houses, certainly one of which features a basement.

The tower at the far northeast on the map
This one's an old favored that still warrants a appear in right after the map updates. Tucked within the far northeast corner with the map is really a tower that can spawn 3 chests (and I swear I’ve seen 4 here inside the past), and simply to the west is definitely an ice cream truck that could spawn an additional two. The first chest location is ideal in the prime of the tower, so land on the roof in case you see a glow of yellow by means of the wood.
Nevertheless, there’s sometimes one particular on the exposed west side of the tower (you could see it within the image beneath). If you see it, really feel free to grab it so you've some loot guaranteed. This utilized to become a preferred spot, but I rarely face any enemies here following the Season 3 update and into Season four, unless the bus is passing right overhead.

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