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MapleStory Ways to Help You Get Mesos

Mesos as the in-game currency is very important to be used in transactions between players and either NPCs or other players. Mesos are obtainable in a variety of ways. Here are ways to help you get mesos.

MapleStory Guide: Make Mesos Without Playing Game

Do you want to make mesos without playing the game? This guide will give you a simple solution to your maplestory mesos problems.

MapleStory Tips to Earn Mesos

The meso is the virtual currency used in the game. It is used either to buy items from NPCs or to trade with other players. Mesos are obtained through quests, by killing monsters, and through commerce with NPCs or other players.

Maplestory: Use Spell Traces To Upgrade Your Equips

According to Maplestory official site, there have a Spell Trace Fever Time Event in Black Friday! Gamers can upgrade their equipment during the Spell Trace Fever Time Event. During the event period, use Spell Traces on your equips will earn higher rates of success!

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